About Alexa

Alexa is Amazon’s voice assistant available on the Echo line of devices from Amazon, as well as many third-party device manufacturers.

With Alexa, you can interact with your devices in an intuitive and natural way using your voice. To play your music, just wake Alexa up by saying, “Hey Alexa.” or just “Alexa” followed by what music you want to listen to.

How do I start?

Super easy set-up.

Just Ask

With Raaga on Amazon Alexa,You can play your favorites, or stream any track, all without lifting a finger.


"Alexa, Play Tamil radio from Raaga dot com"


"Alexa, Play Ilayaraja songs from Raaga dot com"


"Alexa, Play Telugu Kaala Albums from Raaga dot com"


"Alexa, Play Vachinde song from raaga dot com"


"Alexa, Play 90s hits from Raaga dot com"


"Alexa, Set my language to Malayalam from raaga dot com"